Elder Echols

Elder Echols

Friday, August 19, 2016

Airport Arrival, Porter's Place and the Provo City Center Temple

Elder Echols' sister, Kayla, and his Grandpa Larson, as well as his friend Susanna Buss, met him at the Salt Lake City airport on Tuesday, August 16th, and then took him to Porter's Place in Lehi for some much needed lunch. Thanks to Kayla for taking such wonderful pictures!

Susanna Buss and Elder Echols shaking hands, with Ryan's Grandpa Larson nearby.
Getting the luggage

Heading to the Car
Kayla, Elder Echols, and Grandpa Larson
Porter's Place in Lehi, UT has always been a favorite place to eat, especially since we used to live in Lehi before Ryan was born. We often go there when we visit Utah as a family, so it was nice that Elder Echols got to go there on his last day before entering the MTC.

 Elder Echols also got to attend an endowment session at the Provo City Center Temple that day! Here is a picture of him with his Grandpa Larson and Grandma Echols right outside the temple wall.

Grandma Echols took Kayla and Ryan to dinner that night and Ryan got to stay the night at Grandma's house so he could spend a few hours with her.

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