Elder Echols

Elder Echols

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 15: Mission Conference for Serbia, Bosnia, and Montenegro

November 28, 2016

Hi Everyone! This is Elder Echols' mother. Although Ryan didn't have enough time to send a group email today, he gave me permission to share a little excerpt from his personal letter to me regarding the wonderful conference he was able to attend last week! The area presidency did a mission tour and held a confernce with the missionaries serving in Serbia, Bosnia, and Montenegro. Here is what Elder Echols had to say about it:

"At the area presidency mission tour conference we heard a lot about setting goals and then making specific plans to help us achieve those goals. Also how to effectively extend a baptismal invitation, and we were reminded about following mission rules. One of the best parts for me was hearing from President Johnson, of the Europe Area presidency. He talked about the differences in the prophetic calls of Jeremiah, Lehi, Daniel, and 1 other prophet from that time that I forget. We started by reviewing their stories, and imagined them "opening their calls" to be prophets and finding out where they'd be going. Daniel gets one that sounds really nice; Lehi's is pretty good, but then Jeremiah and the other guy sound like they have a really hard one, and that people never listened to them. Then President Johnson asked, "so which of these 4 was the best prophet?" And of course it's obvious to us all how stupid of a question that is. Then he did the same thing with Alma in different cities that he visited after he gave up the judgement seat, some where the whole city was converted, and some where nobody listens. President Johnson again asked, "in which city was Alma a better missionary?" and it's again obviously a stupid question. And we're also starting to get the idea of where President Johnson is going with this. His point was, of course, that our call is different from someone who goes to Brazil or one of the other missions where each missionary gets at least dozens of baptisms. For our mission the average baptism per missionary per year is barely over 1. But that doesn't mean that we're bad missionaries. Every mission is different but we are blessed for our service."

As Ryan's mother, I feel so blessed that he has wonderful leaders who help him be the best missionary he can. He gets to have so many special experiences while on a mission. I know Ryan loves the people he is meeting and is glad to help and serve them in any way he can. He loves his Savior, and knowing the happiness and peace that has brought into his own life, he wants to share it with others. His sincere desire is to do what's right and help others be happy.

--Sister Rachel Echols

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