Elder Echols

Elder Echols

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Week 14: Visas and an Early Thanksgiving

Hey everybody!

This morning we had a huge runaround trying to get stuff worked out for Elder Jex's Visa, so I'm short on time.
On Monday some other missionaries came to visit Novi Sad for their P-day. We had lunch with them and showed them around some. That's part of why I was so short on time last week.

Goofing around while sightseeing with other missionaries on p-day
Tuesday we had my first meal with local members! We had to take a long bus ride out to their place, and we though we were lost for quite a while, but then we magically showed up at their house. They fed us Sarma, with is basically meat wrapped in cabbage, soaked in sauce, and baked. Or something like that. Super good. I (deliberately) ate one of the whole peppers from the sauce. That was fun.

On Wednesday we got to go try and find a Referral that we got from online. He lives an hour's drive outside of town, so Elder McAlpin drove us. When we got there it was a bit of a miracle. We showed up at pretty much the exact time we needed to, and he was super open to learning more. First lesson that wasn't on the street! That was great. Finally got to feel like I was doing something worthwhile. We left him a copy of The Book of Mormon (in Serbian, of course) and some pamphlets. It's gonna be hard to figure out how to visit with him, since he lives so far away.

Thursday we had our Thanksgiving dinner with the McAlpins (senior missionary couple here in Novi Sad) and some members and other friends. That was quite enjoyable. After that we took a few of us to go visit the fort across the river. It was good to get to have some time off.
Friday morning I re-read Alma 34. I love that chapter. The Atonement is real, and Christ can truly help us. Also, random thing: in certain little corners of this city, I feel like I'm in South America. Though, I've never been to South America. This city is cool, though.

On Saturday while we were home for lunch there was a wedding promenade outside. Apparently here in Serbia the groom and his party drive around the city 3 times, honking all the while, go pick up the bride, then drive around the city 3 more times before ending at the church. This bride evidently lived in the apartment building across from us. So, we got to see the party outside on the street a bit. There were 2 guys in the group with accordions playing and singing. Also a pizza guy was in the group with a pizza to deliver.

Sunday we had District Conference, which was broadcast from Serbia. In the middle we had a break to eat a nice potluck lunch. When we came back for the second half, the sound was all messed up. It sounded a bit like chipmunk aliens. For you tech people, it was on their end, so we couldn't fix it. We ended up listening to it over a conference call, with the speaker over there holding a phone. Fun stuff.

Today we had a big run around with Visa stuff. Ate our whole morning. But we met another golden investigator today! So now we have two people that are actually interested in learning about the gospel, as opposed to zero. That's a good feeling. I know that what we teach is true and can really bless people's lives if they open their hearts.

Btw, we made tacos at some point this week. So, we ate better this week than we have yet.

Your homework this week is to read Alma 34 and think about what you can do in your life to better come unto Christ. I know that following him will bring you happiness and peace.

Have a good week!
-Elder Ryan Echols

Elder Ryan Echols
Adriatic North Mission
Svačićev Trg 3/1
HR-10000 Zagreb

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