Elder Echols

Elder Echols

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Special Message from a Recently Returned Adriatic North Missionary!

As Ryan's Mom, I was so happy to receive the following message on Facebook from a sister missionary who recently returned home from the Adriatic North Mission:

September 16, 2016 

Hi! My name is Holly. I returned home from the Adriatic North Mission just a short month ago. I normally don't do this, but I wanted to share with you what happened tonight. I had the opportunity to go to the MTC and be taught by the missionaries going to the ANM. Your son, and his companion taught me about the restoration in Croatian. Elder Echols is going to going to be SO perfect for those people! He was incredible! He gave the opening prayer and did soooo good! So much better than I could have at one month! He taught me about the restoration. He recited the first vision in perfect Croatian already! SO AHEAD! I am teary eyed thinking about how excited I am that he will be going to bless those people I love so much. It was a great lesson. A little later, his companion had just bore his testimony and Elder Echols jumped in and shared his. He testified on the answers that come from the Book of Mormon. The spirit immediately entered the room as that was an answer to my prayer. I am so thankful you raised a son who is close to the Spirit enough to answer my prayers tonight and I know soon he will be answering the prayers of many in the Balkins. He looked happy! He is going to be a great missionary! I am excited for his and your journey! Enjoy these 2 years! I know he will!

Sister Higgins

Sister Holly Higgins


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